I need to store data to isolated storage with simple entry form,currently using class to load data but what i need to insert data and load it after emulator is restarted.I'v seen you can use sql ce database and xml file to store data,but which method will be best?Tried to find a working example of anything but was not able to find anything working.If this would be desktop app it would be easy to simply use mssql strings for storing data but on mobile phone it's just tooconfusing.

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Hmm looks like that is for previous version of wp,i using visual studio 2010 and windows phone 7.5.Did you tried that code in vs2010?

As I said, it is ages since I did something in C# for mobiles, not so much market and not really interesting. Either way, give it a try. Any possible differences shouldn't be so huge. If you get in trouble, post and somebody may be able to help you (with some spare time it can be even me ;) )

Well i managed to find something better on following url:
But source code download url not working,and as usual when you follow instruction it's not working.So i need to figure out what they instructed wrong.Also regarding previous url,when i copied paste code it reported 73 errors and that is a bit toomuch for debugging :)

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