can anyone help me in providing a way to zoom an image with a zoom in and zoom out button.
I tried using webViews but i want the zooming to be done in any other way.
I also checked the code for zooming touching the screen but it didnt help out me in zooming the image using a button.
Any help would be more appreciatable.
thanks in advance.

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thanks peter budo
i read those links from google but i didnt find them helpful because i didnt understand most of the code.

can u help in any other way please.

If you show some effort (post code that you tried) I may try to help, but I'm not gone do whole thing for you

i understood how to drag or how to zoom the image using a touch.
but when am using a button i am not able to find out the way how to zoom the image using the same as done for using a touch.

It is rather longer processedure where you declare your zooming ration, setup time loop like 1/4 of second you move zoom level up or down.
I would avoid this and use existing components, because it seems that your knowledge od Android API and Java coding is your limitation.

what are the existing components?
which i use for zooming ?
And there is a zoom control in the views. Does this help in anyway?
I searched google to find out the way to use this control but i didnt find any info except the information from the developer site..
can i know how this can be used.
Thanks in advance.

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