So I am interested in making apps for smartphone, like little games etc
I need help because I'm not really sure where I should start, what languages I should learn etc
Please could you all help me?
Thanks :)

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It depends on which platform you are looking for. If you are looking for IOs,then you must have understanding of objective C. If you looking forward as an android developer,then you must be proficient in Android(Java basics first). So first choose which platform you are interested in and then go with the respective app developent.

The Mobile Development forum might be a good place, which is why I've moved this thread here...

There are 2 sides to this - programming for a platform, and developing/creating a game - if you have experience with neither, I would begin will developing some simple utility/tool applications for your desired platform before contemplating a game - alternatively, I'd highly recommend using HTML5/JavaScript instead of developing native to get familiar with the general process assuming you are already comfortable with JavaScript.

These days, most systems will support WebApps apis, which is about as platform neutral as you might get.Javascript is another (and common) platform neutral approach.

Now this time android apps is most in demand . So I suggest you to be an Android developer. so you first start to learn "java programming ".best of luck to start as Android developer.

I think you should specify which application you want to work on it because in mobile application android and the iPhone application is most popular in the market. If you want to learn Ios then you should learn C Program and for android you should have knowledge basic Java program.

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