I have developed an application in j2me in which i am uploading a zip file which work well for Nokia mobile but using the same application for LAVA mobile causes problem - "CONTENT DISPOSITION ERROR - PREMATURE ENDING". Please anyone help me, how can I remove this problem.
Thanks in advance

This problem is most commonly due to programmer omitting use of threads to keep connection alive. Have look at book Beginning J2ME - From Novice to Professional - chapter 10 Connecting to the World. There is a good explanation on mobile devices and use of thread in Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA: Creating Great Mobile Applications - chapter 18.3 Use Threads, but this books is only available through Safari Books service

Thanks Peter for your suggestion.
But the main problem is that same code is working with Nokia and file is uploading well but with Lava mobile it is not working. Is there any additional API is needed ?

Actually, when I am looking at log file and comparing it with Nokia, there is an additional "Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=AaB03x\r\n\r\n;" line with my code

It seems that Lava is adding its own Content-Disposition tag which is giving problems while uploading the data. If I remove my Content-Disposition tag, I am getting premature ending error.

Nokia is sort of misbehaving, many times stuff seems to be working on them but then moving to different manufacturer (Sony Ericsson, Samsung) issue does surface. As for Lava phone I have no idea. I tried to look for something like developer section or Lava sdk/emulator but quick search didn't get anything. What you need is to be able to debug your application directly on device which is easily done if manufacturer provide sdk for its products. Sorry :(