Hey guys,

I have a project to do and I have let my schedule slide. Anyway, I have to get down and do it now. My task is to create an Android App where you can access a FreePBX server (www.freepbx.org), which is basically an all-in-one linux distribution of a private branch exchange for telephone calls.

The idea is to create an Android Client that sends requests to a Java Server. This server will then communicate with the FreePBX box directly and pull data from that. (Mainly by accessing MYSQL databases for call logs etc etc).

In your opinion, what architecture or approach would be the easiest and least time consuming? I am on a very restricted timescale and unfortunatley dont have time to experiment really.


You'll need a build a basic API on the server side that handles all calls and provides a RESTful interface for the Android app. That's one way to do it - and I'd certainly recommend going this route. You can then use a simple Android client to make REST calls to this API, with the real work and logic happening server-side and results published to the calling app in JSON format.

This is the simplest solution if you need a native client, otherwise, you could just build a mobile-friendly Java EE application, although I suspect that might actually involve more work than you might have time for.