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So far I learned how to download the JDK Java Development Kit.
Then created a PATH file cause it the training video they said something about sp Java won't mix up directories and so on. So putted the semicolon at the end of the Path File... In Environment Variables.

Then downloaded Eclipse and SDK installed the extras plus important versions in the SDK manager so far learned about the emulator were you can feel and test the apps but the emulator is slow but better then nothing. Also copied the SSL code so I could get the Developers Tools etc.

One I created a project and added the details to the app.

The guy in the video goes in the .XML screens and starts typing code which I barely understand.
About coding activities etc like a Button a person would press it then that's activity. But a person needs to click back also that's another activity so requires another code to be put, I also learned if a person does not include a code in a .XML and put it in another box the pressing the button bar won't work cause you never added the code in the other place that will lead to a big error which a person needs to figure out how did it cause it...

I thought Android Application Development would be just dragging icons and creating themes, styles easily but I was wrong never realized how complex it could get and figuring out error messages.

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Do you know Java? Android Dalvik is just Java, but with a different compiler and virtual machine. If you don't know how to write Java code, then you have some learning to do. If you already know C++ or PHP, then it will not be difficult.

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@rubberman I see a person needs C++ and PHP.

So Java, C++ and PHP are my new goals now thanks.

I'm only a beginner to this whole programming I think I might grasp it hopefull with allot of pratice and not giving up :D.

You do not need C++ and PHP. rubberman was trying to say that any knowledge of programming language especially object oriented language would speed up your learning process. Therefore grasping basic of Java should be your main goal

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In the video it did say a person needs some Object Oriented Programming in order to start developing android apps.

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