i have a project to do for android, i want to make a tourist guide app, but i want to have basic information on app and sometime i want 5 request data from google or from website. i must on app apk app or web application in reality i don't know the what is web app.

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web app is actual website. It is common that what ever response website is getting can be consumed by mobile application as this content is send in JSON format. Here is a list of APIs you may want to have look at

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thank you for reply.
that i have to developp normal app (and) and integrate API
one last question how to bring GUI created in photoshop to use in app devellopment??

Android has a resources folder where you can store various data/objects. One of this folder subfolders is drawable that can be represented also by various screen sizes drawable-hdpi, drawable-mdpi etc

However be warned! Android UI development is not same as web development or iOS "pixel perfect" appraoch.

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