im having a graduation project which i should make a windows mobile application using visual studio 2005, and really i dont know what topic can i choose and the doctor doesnt want to provide me with a topic,, so if anyone can help just with a topic, because it is my first time to use windows mobile and i didnt even deal with it, (never).

so i just need a some topics to start thinking about them.

i should make an application, new application

Can you change it for some other platform? (Android/iPhone/JME) There is very small market with Windows mobile applications and their emulators are not the best one.
Try to talk to your teacher about it, as final project and tools+technologies used are your choices not his. And if he doesn't agree with it then talk to teacher responsible for final project module as whole and tell about your problem.

PS: Careful with iPhone you will need access Mac machine as their emulator wouldn't run on other OS and having OS on hardware not authorised by Apple wouldn't help either

the problem is that he insisted on sdk smartphone or pocket pc,, that the problem.. and he is a 73 years old doctor and he is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy annoying person, the most problem is that when i asked him for topics he told me u should decide not me. anyway that alot for your information, and its hard to have a mac os, but what about (Android / jme) what are these things.

I would go with Android as it is growing market. Android is Java based, with some simple XML configurations, running on their JVM Dalvik. SDK is free, provides you with number of emulator where you can switch between different Android versions (1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2). For development you can use Eclipse (IntelliJ IDEA has plugin too but you need commercial version, there is a plugin for Netbeans, but their are seriously behind development only version 1.1 and 1.5)
JME (Java Microedition) is cut down version of standard Java. It is still popular but slowly fading out since their last release JME SDK 3.0 did not bring any great thing (better functionality for touch screens, way to revoke process by action, user friendly etc) and market is more interested in user friendly applications produced for iPhone or Android. In reality there is very little difference between new SDK 3.0 and WTK 2.5.2 that if I have to do something I rather use WTK then SDK as their new emulator takes hell of time to start

You should go for android technology, as it is new to the market you will be able to discover good applications.

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