Hello every one,
I was assigned to developed a website for My company and all is good by now,only the testing department gave a question
if there is a way I could make that website be available on other devices rather than a Computer i.e,Smart phones,iPads and
the kind. So My question is:
"Is there a way I can just make it be available as well in those devices or I must take a long journey to learn from scratch
on mobile web development so as I can make it be?"
The only thing I know is native webdesigning and development but still this challenge is good and I need to conquer it.
Any advice and help will be appriciated...

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Any website is accessible by mobile devices these days. You just need to learn restrictions and serve appropriate content, therefore browser and operating system detection is important

Thanks peter,I made it to make it responsive up to this point and all is good waiting the next challenge.
Thank U.

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