Noob Question, but I am following this tutorial :

and I am getting to the bottom and I am confused on what I am supposed to be doing, am I creating a class or an activity and what does it mean when it says extends and implements android.view.View.OnClickListener infacer:


6.2 Create the Activity Class

Using the HelloWorldActivity Class from section 2.1 as an example, use the Wizard to create a new Android Activity called EnterNameActivity that extends and implements android.view.View.OnClickListener interface:
Activity Name: EnterNameActivity
Layout Name: layout_entername
Title: Hello World
Launcher Activity: (check this item)
Hierarchical Parent: (leave blank)
Navigation Type: None


If you found solution please share with community, do not just mark thread as solved.

My solution was to not rush and read over the program and lessons carefully.

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