I am having a video running.
and when i pause the video and click on capture button the screen should be captured.
how can this be done?
i tried the following code to capture but its taking a blank picture.

View v1 = myVideoView.getRootView();
                System.out.println("Root View : "+v1);
                Bitmap bm = v1.getDrawingCache();
                System.out.println("Bitmap : "+bm);

please suggest me a way.
Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the reply.
Isnt there any way to manually write the code to capture instead of using the service?

So what i understood is to use the service "ScreenshotService" class in my application.
But i didnt find where the service is being called in the button onclick listener.
i found that it is called right in the oncreate method. Then how does the service captures the image on the button click?

Thanks in advance.

I checked this in mobile.
But i am getting a toast of Native service not found.
What should i do now?

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