I am a newbie in Android App Development. I have designed basic apps like a simple notepad but I don't get pretty good tutorial books on how to do it. Would you please recommend me a link where I can get awesome notes on the same.

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Where have you looked? The Android developers web site has some good tutorials and user community. Remember, Android apps are either Java-based (using the Dalvik compiler), or webapp based. Do you understand Java code? There are 10 gazillion tutorials for building java apps out there. Google is your friend here... :-)

What better way to learn than to run apps and see their code?!
Every Android API version has a project name APIDemos, in there you'll find a tons of activities that uses almost every function available in the Android SDK.

Apart from that, what you need to learn depends on what you want to build. I mean, I could post a link to an Google Maps tutorial, but are you going to use Google Maps?
So, before reading tons of tutorials, think of something you want to build and then search the tutorials for it.

Good luck.

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