Hello everyone,
i am new in android programming - or perhaps, in android studio.

I've once used ADB to input tap / open app's xml files with root access but it is a hassle as i have to keep on connecting my mobile phone to my pc.

So now i've decided to move on to making an app which will do such stuffs for me without having to bring along my laptop/tablet out.

So i've found online and installed Andriod Studio, but im very unfamiliar with it as i have only done vb.net codings. I am trying to make a button and if i click on it, a timer with 500 milli seconds will keep opening an xml file in other app's file(with root access ofcourse to view root folders) and if the xml files contains a certain text i want, it will stop the timer and input tap on the touch screen; just like a bot.

Please help me further with it or perhaps link me to a tutorial that i can find such stuffs.

Thank you!