Hi folks, this may be a stupid question.

From what I can gather, there is no Android GUI developer for netbeans (please correct me if I am incorrect). Would I be able to design the GUI in eclipse and then open the code in netbeans to design the back end?

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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I found the Codename One designer, so no problems there. Just curious though, can you transfer from one ide to another as the eclipse gui designer is easier to use!

@cybrix101 word of advice do not use GUI, brings too much unnecesary code and you will never learn...

@peter budo, I disagree with "...do not use GUI..." however I do understand why you said it. It certainly is more difficult to learn on your own, but not impossible. I learned Android development by taking courses at learnable.com, a sister site of sitepoint.com. The question I have of @cybrix 101 is why not use eclipse for all of your development?

@ogian then I have question for you. Why to use Eclipse and not IntelliJ?

@peter bundo Very simple. I know Eclipse. I took issue with your statement "...do not use GUI...". I don't care what IDE a person uses and I don't need to learn yet another IDE. I think that you should pose that question to cybrix 101.

Well that would mean that cybrix101 would have to actually comment on this, but alas he cannot be bothered...

I understand. Your points are well taken though. BTW the "My password needs to 8 characters ..." is way cool :-)

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