...I want to start Android app development. Was wondering anyone of you could suggest me the best resources to learn from. I know java but have no idea about Android app development. I hope the resources cover all the basic features that are there in any modern day app like geo-location, NFC etc etc .

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Choose your IDE (Eclipse, Android Studio or even Visual Studio now a days), install the stuff, install the sample apps and start playing!

Almost every release of an API version has an attached API Samples with dozens of apps each one demonstrating one or more features.

If you got and Android device you can just plugin and start debugging, or if you don't, set up and virtual device to do it =)

I think hands on are the best way to go! And the link @stultuske recommend is the best one, android documentaion is neat!

Ps.: I used Eclipse for somewhile but a couple a months ago I migrated to Android Studio, and i'm liking it.


I think Android studio is a good IDE to start with. You can use eclipse and netbeans but Android Studio is much better solution.

Apart from that you can also get started with simple youtube videos.


I have also checked some of the Vogella tutorials. And they are good for theory part of android.

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