I have a series of activities the last of which holds results. I have 'Send to Printer' button which needs to send these results to a wireless printer. Can anyone give me an example of doing this? I''ve trawled the web but there seems to be very little on this subject.

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There are examples with https://www.google.com/#q=printing+in+your+android+app+source+code+example but your printer has to be one that supports this. At the office we do this printing by proxy. That is we cheated and created some HTML file then send that to a network location which a PC picks it up and prints it. This way it works on every PC compatible printer. Since this app is proprietary I can only share sauce but no source.

Thanks rproffitt,
It is generating a print screen in the first place that I'm stuck with.

Centrope. So you have a print screen you want to print. Now transfer that to your network share on your network and print it from the PC.

That's step 1.
Now automate with a little app on the PC. That's step 2.

We wanted a print system that would work on any PC compatible printer. Which is why we did it that way.

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