Dear friends..

I'm working on a project, which is simplified in making a program in Java for mobile phones that sends GPS coordinates as SMS..

Is there any open API for that? I'm using "Pulsar from Eclipse" with "Nokia SDK". It doesn't matter what kind of phone it'll work on, i'm just saying "Nokia SDK" just like that.

So, umm any help? or suggestions?

I have already the code that sends SMS, but I need to merge it with GPS coordinates locator to be able to send the coordinates through SMS.

Make sure, any information might be helpful to me. So, be generous "kindly" :)

Thanks in advance.

Never did anything with midlet & GPS, but try to have look at these articles

PS: It doesn't matter what emulator or device you use as long you have access to appropriate libraries...

Dear Sir,

I have the same problem too . I need to develop j2me application that send the coordinates by sms . did you do it ,

thank you in advance for your help .



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