I see countless of so call "docks" or "toolbars" that all share the same features:

  1. they only take up part of the android screen
  2. they can be collapsed and popped up by a single fingertip (either on the side or as an icon in the notification bar)
  3. they show up recent/favourite apps

The reason why I want to create my own "dock" is because I try to either find or create a such dock that shows - not your favourite apps, not your recent apps, but - all open/running apps. Like the icons you see in taskbar of windows. or like the "overview" you get by pressing the square button in the bottom right corner. when you kill an app / free an app from memory, the app should then dissappear from the taskbar. when you open a new app, the new app should appear on the task bar.

The reason why I need such an app is because it's very frustrating when you open apps and forget that after you press the home button, until the phone gets slow and you just realized that you have 40+ apps taking up memory in the background. and since every active app in the overview is a window and not an icon, You will have to scroll tremendously whenever you just want to switch from one app to another.

Is there any dock with the "running apps" functionality as I described at all?
Is there any tutorials on just how to create a simple dockbar?

I did alot of android development many years ago but still don't see myself as an expert on the subject on android programming, so if there is an solution on google play that I just haven't found after 100 searches and around 10 app installments, I would be more than happy.

As to your first question about any dock, that's where you search for such but App Killers used to be quite the thing on the Google Play Store.

I think that Google has tightened security since https://www.codeproject.com/Tips/1044192/Android-List-and-Kill-Background-Process was published so while that's a start on finding what and where the functions are here, you would also research if new permissions are required.

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