A friend of mine has an idea for a mobile game that he thinks could be the next Angry Birds. ;)

I've heard the idea and it really does sound like a fun game, but neither him nor I have mobile development experience, or any real development experience of any kind really. We both took some programming courses in college, but nothing that really stuck with us since it's not what we do for a living.

Anyway, my question is, has anyone taken any training course from e-careers, such as this one? http://www.e-careers.com/app-developer-training/app-developer-training/iphone-android-apps-package We saw this on Google Offers a couple of weeks ago for only $50 and my friend bought it.

I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with this website? We obviously don't expect to make a great game just by taking this course, but we're hoping it would be a good place to get some fundamentals. Also, does anyone have any other recommendations for getting started on learning mobile game development?


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Well, by looking at the product, you can learn the basics of the app but you really don't develop anything interactive like games. If you want to develop an app like angry birds, there are some better alternatives than the e-careers one.

If your going to make the app, you should know by now C-based languages by now. If you are going to make an app, I recommend books or use lynda.com to get the basics.

Oh awesome, I forgot about Lynda.com. Thanks Michael!

@ddbot101 that standard documentation LOL, but there are online courses or 2-3 days trainings like for example skillsmatter does in London, and I'm sure there are some in San Francisco

I've built basic apps using App Inventor but, they weren't anything special like mentioned above. I'd say App Inventor is more of a learning tool for general programming concepts. I think it is a lot like Alice 2.2.
I don't know any of the C language but, I'd imagine Java would be robust enough.

Good stuff, thanks everyone!

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