A simple demostration of how to clear the console screen in at least Dev-C++ (I don't know about the other since I've only tried it on this one, but may and probably works,, with few if at all minor adjustments), what more can I say, other than it's not the best way to do it but may be useful.

#include <iostream>//needs these three lines
#include <stdlib.h>//needs these three lines
using namespace std;//needs these three lines

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  cout << "A simple Demonstartion of system(\"cls\");" << endl;
  system("cls");//clears the screen
  cout << "The first two lines are gone" << endl;
  return 0;

i modified it a little bit for c and it works , i learned one thing today , thanx

Than it's mission has been fulfilled

hmm. wonder if that works for visual c++

hmm. wonder if that works for visual c++

i just tried it on codewarrior C++ and it didn't work ;/

Sorry about that, but that's the only thing I could find on how to clear the screen, and so far I could get to work only on Dev-C++

the code should be ANSI standard code to work on all compilers, and i DONT see any un-ANSI code! it should work on others, i have compiled DevC++ projects on MSVC++ Before without any problems

try substituting <cstdlib> in place of <stdlib.h>

haven't tried this, but it should work on linux if you replace cls with clear

system ("cls") and other system commands are handy to get a list of all possible system lines that i know of just go Start>run>cmd>help, it gives a list of all commands that you could use some usefull ones are color ie.
system("color A")
would change the text on the console to bright green (hello matrix)

gr88! not able to being use clrscr() was really pissing me off!