This is a visual basic 6.0 wav sound player class that plays any selected sound file in .wav format. It has the filename property to select the file and play property to play the sound file. Visit for more codes.

Option Explicit 
Private mfilename As String 
Private mflags As Long 
Private Declare Function sndPlaySound Lib "winmm.dll" Alias "sndPlaySoundA" (ByVal lpszSoundName As String, ByVal uFlags As Long) As Long 

Public Property Get filename() As String 
     filename = mfilename 
End Property 

Public Property Let filename(ByVal vnewvalue As String) 
     mfilename = vnewvalue 
End Property 

Public Property Get flags() As Long 
     flags = mflags 
End Property 

Public Property Let flags(ByVal vnewvalue As Long) 
     mflags = vnewvalue 
End Property 

Public Sub play() 
     Dim rc As Long 
     rc = sndPlaySound(mfilename, mflags) 
End Sub
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how to select the file what we want..
where we have to place the code..

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Actually that is the implementation of a class module in VB, to play a specified file you will need to import this class into your project and then set the property filename to the files you want to play.


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This code is helpful to play your recorded sound with the .wav format