Here is an example of a random spin button using a button surrounded by labels to create the feeling of a spin animation. This example uses the Tkinter GUI and lets you select numbers 1 to 6. If your game requires more then this, just add additional labels. You are encouraged to experiment with this code and maybe locate the labels in a more circular fashion around the button.

# create a button surrounded by labels to mimic a random spin button
# tested with Python24         vegaseat        23dec2006

import Tkinter as tk  # use tk namespace for Tkinter items
import random

def make_labels():
    create a list of labels and position them
    labels = []
    for k in range(1, 7):
        labels.append(tk.Label(root, text=' %d ' % k, bg='yellow'))
    # now assign a grid position to each label
    for  ix, label in enumerate(labels):
        if ix < 3:
            label.grid(row=0, column=ix, pady=5)
        elif ix == 3:
            button1 = tk.Button(root, text='Press me', command=click)
            button1.grid(row=1, column=0, columnspan=3)
            label.grid(row=2, column=2, pady=5)
            label.grid(row=2, column=5-ix, pady=5)
    return labels

def click():
    loop/spin through the labels and pick one to stop at random
    # reset all labels to same color
    for label in labels:
    # start with a time delay of 15 ms and increase it in the spins
    t = 15
    stop = random.randint(19, 24)
    for x in range(0, stop):
        label = labels[x%6]
        root.after(t, label.config(bg='green'))
        root.title(str(x%6 + 1))  # test
        if x == stop-1:
            # final result available via var1.get()
            var1.set(str(x%6 + 1))
        root.after(t, label.config(bg='yellow'))
        t += 15

# create the window form
root = tk.Tk()

# StringVar() updates result label automatically
var1 = tk.StringVar()
# set initial value
# create the result label
result = tk.Label(root, textvariable=var1, fg='red')
result.grid(row=3, column=0, columnspan=3)

# create the list of labels
labels = make_labels()

# start of program event loop
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