increment an ascii string by 1

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this code was written by me for my projects. all it does is increments by 1 the string which is passed to the function.
if you have any improvements to my code ill be glad to hear from you ;)

szinc proc strin : DWORD
		xor ecx, ecx
		mov eax, -1
		mov ebx, strin
		inc eax
		cmp byte ptr[ebx + eax], 0h
		je lblret
		cmp byte ptr[ebx + eax], 39h
		jnz lbl1
		inc ecx
		jmp @B
		xor ecx, ecx
		jmp @B
		or eax, eax
		jz lblret2
		or ecx, ecx
		jnz lbl3
		inc byte ptr[(ebx + eax)-1]
		cmp ecx, eax
		jne lbl2
		mov byte ptr[ebx], '1'
		inc eax
		jmp @F
		lea edx, [ebx + eax]
		sub edx, ecx
		inc byte ptr[edx - 1]
		lea edx, [ebx + eax]
		sub edx, ecx
		mov byte ptr[edx], '0'
		dec ecx
		jnz @B
		mov byte ptr[ebx + eax], 0h
	szinc endp
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sory forgot to preserve ebx

szinc proc uses ebx strin : DWORD
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