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Aslam o Alikum to all, here is my code to get and change the attributes of a txt file. I want to change the hidden attribute of file. In this code, when i get attribute of file, the number 20 (100000) is returned in cx. I changed this number to 22(100010) ie i have set the hidden attribute. But when I run the program, the no changes are applied. please help me.

[org 0x0100]

mov ax, 4300h	; get file attributes
mov dx, filename
int 21h
mov [attribute], cx   ; save file attribute in variable

mov ax, 4301    ; set file attributes
mov dx, filename
mov cx, 0020h
int 21h

mov ax,0x4c00
int 0x21

filename dw 'D:\link.txt'
attribute dw 0
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in the line # 11 ,you are moving 20 h except 22h which will not set hidden attribute .
now use this code in line # 11
mov cx,0x22

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