Hi, I am currently studying programing, and have become some what stumped with Visual studio 2003. I have written a number of application using the console, however currently i am trying to clear of text that has already been written to the console.....but can not find any command or code to do such.

So I was woundering if it is possible, and if so why is there not a simple command to do so.

Would be greatful for any help or suggestions.

Thank you

hi, thanks for your reply.............is it really that simple? Thanks

why not give it a shot ;)

System.Console.WriteLine("hello world");
System.Console.WriteLine("Hello world again");

give it a shot.

hi there have tried the .clear() statement, however it is not recognised as a valid command within the c# console application component of visual studio 2003. Is there anything else?

Hi there, thanks again......it apears that you have to creat a new instance (??) by declaring the console as a variable then clear the variable.........i keep forgetting that everything is an object :|.


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