Explore Pyside's QWebView

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The Pyside GUI toolkit (public PyQt) lets you bring up an interactive web page with its QWebView widget. Here is a simple example.

''' ps_WebView102.py
explore PySide.QtWebKit.QWebView()
display an interactive website
tested with Python27 and Python34  by  vegaseat  10sep2014

from PySide.QtCore import *
from PySide.QtGui import *
from PySide.QtWebKit import *

# create an application
app = QApplication([])

# add a window
win = QWidget()
# setGeometry(x_pos, y_pos, width, height)
win.setGeometry(100, 50, 700, 500)
win.setWindowTitle('Exploring PySide.QtWebKit.QWebView')

# use a simple vertical box layout
layout = QVBoxLayout()

# create a QWebView instance
view = QWebView()

# load it with a URL (will be interactive)
url = "https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl"


# show the window and run the app