I found from the net that COM exe(OutOfProc server) is used to convert the existing exe. is it means that we can change our apllication's exe to COM exe.
is it possible to change our application's exe into COM exe?
Also can we use databases while using ATL COM in .NET ?
please send me some deails of how we can use windows forms/databse
in ATL com in .NET

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Yes you can, COM is a concept and used for some reasons, and your questions answer is Yes

hi RamyMahrous..
thank you very much for your positive reply. but when i opened the link given in your replay it gives me error "Website can not found." so can you send me the alternative option for my question please?

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Yes you can, COM is a concept and used for some reasons, and your questions answer is Yes

do you have any example that will show the EXE generated by build option in MS Visual .Net studio has conveted to COM exe??? i am still not getting how we will convert it without interfaces....!

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Look if you have Math class in exe called MathLibrary, you should re-engineer this application MathLibrary to be COM application first you should change the output to be dll
second you should have IMath (this interface will be inherited by Math class) and all methods in this interface would be used by others say (Add, Sub, Div and Multi), any methods not exitsts in this interface (IMath) won't be available to others even if they are implmeneted in the Math class
then you should have event interface handle all events done if you have if you have not declare this interface and let it empty this an example to get me

public interface IMath
float Add(float op1, float op2);
float Sub(float op1, float op2);
float Multi(float op1, float op2);
float Div(float op1, float op2);
///set your attributes like IMath
public interface IMathEvent
//I've not any events so I'll leave it blank
//set your attributes like IMath
public class Math: IMath, IMathEvent
///implmentation of IMath to be seen by others.
public string Hello() { return"Hello"};//this method won't be seen by others.

then generate Key-Value pair to your assembly, that's!

thanx a lot ....! i will go through it and let u know about implemenatation.

thanx n regards.