I am making a chat client to connect to a server I already made with sockets in Python 3, but I am having a problem with the new encoding and decosing stuff for Python 3. Here is the relevant code:

else :
    # user entered a message
    msg = sys.stdin.readline()
    s.send(bytes((msg, 'utf-8')))
    sys.stdout.write(bytes('[Me] '))

and here is the error I get when running this client from python in terminal:

# It connects to the server fine, as we can see from the next two lines, but if I try to type a message it closes and outputs the error message.
Connected to remote host. You can start sending messages
[Me] hi
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "client.py", line 50, in <module>
  File "client.py", line 45, in client
    s.send(bytes((msg, 'utf-8')))
TypeError: 'str' object cannot be interpreted as an integer

I read this: http://www.pythoncentral.io/encoding-and-decoding-strings-in-python-3-x/ and adjusted my code accordingly, but it still gives me the same error. Please feel free to ask for anything else you may need.

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The signature of the bytes() function gives the solution

class bytes(object)
 |  bytes(iterable_of_ints) -> bytes
 |  bytes(string, encoding[, errors]) -> bytes
 |  bytes(bytes_or_buffer) -> immutable copy of bytes_or_buffer
 |  bytes(int) -> bytes object of size given by the parameter initialized with null bytes
 |  bytes() -> empty bytes object

You want to use the second form bytes(string, encoding) but instead you wrote bytes((string, encoding)), that is to say a single tuple argument. Since a tuple is iterable, the only option for python is to believe that you used the first form. Then python expects that your tuple is a tuple of ints, and as this fails, you get the error. So use

bytes(msg, 'utf-8')
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