Using bitwise 'and', 'or' operators(Python)

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Just some interesting applications of the bitwise and (&), or (|) operators. You might find some other uses.

some interesting applications of bitwise and (&), or (|)
tested with Python27  by  vegaseat  19apr2015

def is_odd(n):
    symbol & is the bitwise 'and' operator
    use n & 1 to check if n is odd or even
    return True if n is an odd integer, else False
    if n & 1:
        return True
        return False

def next_odd(n):
    symbol | is the bitwise 'or' operator
    use n | 1 to turn an even integer into its next odd integer
    does not change odd integers
    return n|1

# testing ...
print(is_odd(21))  # True
print(is_odd(22))  # False

print(next_odd(8))  # 9
print(next_odd(7))  # 7
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This is how the exclusive or behaves ...

def next_odd_even(n):
    symbol ^ is the bitwise 'exlusive or' operator
    use n ^ 1 to turn an even n into the next odd integer
    and an odd n into the previous even integer
    return n^1

# testing ...
print(next_odd_even(8))  # 9
print(next_odd_even(7))  # 6
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