Hello all,
I am debugging a vb app for my company. I did NOT create this app. So far there is just one thing that has been bugging me, AxctlUSBHID.AxUSBHID. Heres the code and the error im getting for each section. There is only two errors.

Private Sub InitializeComponent()

error for code above = Error 3 Type 'AxctlUSBHID.AxUSBHID' is not defined.


Friend WithEvents AxUSBHID1 As AxctlUSBHID.AxUSBHID

error for code above = Error 4 Type 'AxctlUSBHID.AxUSBHID' is not defined.

I hope someone knows how to handle this menace as google has failed me. Thanks in advance for any help.

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it looks very much like an third party library, go to add-ins menu and click Add-in Manager, see if you can find something that looks like this to add to the project.


thanks for your help but it has to do with credit card swipers. I ended up figuring out that I had to install the credit card swiper software on my computer so the software can communicate with the card swiper in the program.
So for anybody else having this problem, if you install the credit card swiper software on your comp. then rebuild your app in VS, this error should dissapear:)

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