Im writing a program that keeps track of a bussiness/banks loans and also shows results of the payments recieved and payments not recieved.

basicly it's just a program for loans.

i need a name and logo for it, any ideas?

Name: My First Loan Program
Logo: A dollar sign with wings flying away

The Loan Arranger.
You could use the Finance icon supplied with Delphi. Not very nice & just a pile of coins, but at least you have it already.

commented: thank you +2

What about (tongue in cheek) "Shark" and a logo of a shark eating a floating (in water) dollar sign?

commented: thanks, very original! +2

"The Loan Ranger" (domino mask)
"Loan Wolf" ('three wolf moon' with a coin instead of the moon)
"I Think We're A Loan Now" (Tiffany)
"The Loan Wars" (a $ith lord)

commented: Haha thanks those are some great ideas +2

Thanks guys, went with

Loan Ranger (Thanks to SalmiSoft for The loan arranger which gave me the idea of loan ranger, and then gusano79 who i saw had the same idea when i scrolled down.)

my logo :Both were quite cute but i went with the man on the horse.

and... Solved! :)

commented: Well done! Have fun! +13
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