Im writing a program that keeps track of a bussiness/banks loans and also shows results of the payments recieved and payments not recieved.

basicly it's just a program for loans.

i need a name and logo for it, any ideas?

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The Loan Arranger.
You could use the Finance icon supplied with Delphi. Not very nice & just a pile of coins, but at least you have it already.

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thank you

What about (tongue in cheek) "Shark" and a logo of a shark eating a floating (in water) dollar sign?

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thanks, very original!

"The Loan Ranger" (domino mask)
"Loan Wolf" ('three wolf moon' with a coin instead of the moon)
"I Think We're A Loan Now" (Tiffany)
"The Loan Wars" (a $ith lord)

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Haha thanks those are some great ideas

Thanks guys, went with

Loan Ranger (Thanks to SalmiSoft for The loan arranger which gave me the idea of loan ranger, and then gusano79 who i saw had the same idea when i scrolled down.)

my logo :Both were quite cute but i went with the man on the horse.

and... Solved! :)

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Well done! Have fun!
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