Any function point specialists out there?

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Are you a certified function point specialist or play one on TV? Then the Counting Practices Manual version 4.3 might be for you. Unveiled today by the International Function Point Users Group (better known as IFPUG), the $100 CD contains the latest "body of knowledge used by function point analysts to measure the functional size of applications and projects for benchmarking and estimating world-wide for many domains and business areas," announced the group.

The "must-have" publication documents the Counting Practices Manual (CPM), which has been approved as an international standard under ISO/IEC 14143-1 Information Technology-Software Measurement. This revision, which officially replaces CPM 4.2 on Jan. 1, 2010, "further clarifies the rules and enhances the definitions and examples, thereby enabling a more consistent interpretation and application of rules." Major changes to the document involve Part 1, which copies the ISO-standard Functional Size Measurement Method (FSM) describing the process, definitions and rules. FSM methods are designed to allow measurement of the size of a software project by quantifying the functional requirements, often for the purpose of developing project estimates and evaluating risk.

Content formerly in Part 1 has been moved to Part 2 - The Bridge. Parts 2, 3, 4 and the Appendices have been updated and enhanced with additional examples and guidance, IFPUG said. To purchase CPM 4.3, visit the IFPUG order page. It is also available to current IFPUG members as a free for download on the member side of the IFPUG website. Members get it for free.

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Good posting and you may also want to know that there was a further incremental release of the CPM as CPM 4.3.1 which corrects some editorial defects and ISO editorial changes that came about after IFPUG CPM 4.3 was released in September 2009. As the ISO IFPUG Representative, I can tell you that the changes in 4.3.1 are incidental and do not in any way change the rules or core content in the 4.3 release. Note that the ISO version of this standard is also available through your country's national ISO association and is called ISO/IEC 20926: IFPUG 2009 Functional Size Measurement Method.

Respectfully, Carol Dekkers, CFPS, CMC, PMP

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I would like to make a correction the link IFPUG order page is wrong the correct one is :


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