hello all. i am creating a program that helps write quizzes,(quizcreator),(the user chooses the type of question like t/f or multiple choice and i set it up for them and they just add the text for the question) but the thing is i need to save the final quiz created in the text box or whatever i use as a .doc file (so i can open it in microsoft word and print it or whatever) so if anyone has a technique or an idea it would be very helpful and useful. thanx :) i might not have explained the program well but if u ask me a direct question it'd be easier for me 2 answer, to help u understand my program so u can help me! thanx!plz plz plz ive been having lots of trouble with it. thanx again, any input would help

If you have word installed add it as a com object.

whats a com object?
thanx anyway

google is your friend.

yeah hello again, i did a com reference thing and it worked but when i try it on another computer it doesn't work! :( ! i asked around thet told me theres a way to get to work but no one i know knows how so help with that would be useful too.!