i need a project topic to be done in j2ee...

"how lazy kids get away with not learning to think by getting others to do their homework for them".

jwenting I just ignore posts like this...

it's the task of a moderator to reply to posts that get no replies otherwise ;)
And we're not allowed to just delete things that aren't technically in violation of the rules...

i need a project topic to be done in j2ee...

Rather try some simple java project, j2ee is so vast you will not be able to answer questions asked to you by your professor.

hello... I didn't ask you to do my project... if lazy i wouldn't have search for a topic here Mr.Active....

I ll take care of my viva voce session... It seems that u don't know what actually J2EE is... So don't advice me with what you did in ur viva voce session. Of course u might felt difficult with your professor when he/she asked you questions, but i know what to do... So kindly hold your tongue...

doing your own homework includes coming up with your own ideas if you're not given a specific assignment.
So you ARE asking us to do your homework for you by telling us to do your thinking for you.

And also, if you're incapable of even thinking of a topic how are you ever going to be able of actually implementing it?

So kindly hold your tongue...

he did give an honest answer to your question ... how can we give you an answer if we have to 'hold our tongues'?

you said you started this topic because you know what to do. well, if you DID know what to do, there would be no need for this topic

How about this one:

"What I did all year, rather than even attempt to come up with a final project."

Try for java messaging services from any ftp or http protocols

Try java beans jsp servlets with struts using j2ee.
raja baba

Writing the code for j2ee communication for business objects
and debugging it. practice it and deploy it.
try this in j2ee platforms.
raja baba