Hey guys, I was wondering: suppose I created a standard console application and but I now want to make the program (well the code behind the program) into a dll file or some other reference object that can be added to other projects - how would this be done? I'm hoping I don't have to redo the application as a dll (mainly because I'm not sure how :icon_mrgreen: )

I'm not sure if I'm even using the correct words; if I created a project with namespace NetReader and I created another project with namespace NetApp, how do I use the classes in NetReader in the NetApp project without simply copying the classes over (or adding them as an existing .cs reference)?

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Hello PoovenM again :)

From project properties, change Output type to Class Library

commented: You're my C# Hero! :D +2

Aww man you rock! Thank you so much!!! You're my C# Hero :icon_biggrin:

I am a noob and this is the most straightforward answer on the internet.

+1000 internets to you Ramy!

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