Hi all,

I am a final year student of a Computing Degree and have an idea of doing a Distributed File System for the Final Year Project. I am mainly consider only Distribution of files across a LAN and Replication of data. So any idea of how to split the files (Bite Streams) into chunks or any valuable research paper will be highly appreciated..

Thanking you..

Rukshan Silva

This is your final project to get a degree. It is expected to demonstrate that you have learned enough to warrant that degree. Asking how to do that project calls into question whether you actually have acquired sufficient knowledge and the ability to research and work through the tasks you undertake. There is a level of self-direction necessary to work in the field beyond asking how to do everything on a forum won't cut it in the real world.

I say that merely as advice to you - not to be mean-spirited about it. You really need to work through this project on your own to prepare for employment in any development capacity.

Good luck!

worse, turning in someone elses work as your own is plagiarism (and no teacher is going to accept something you say openly you didn't write yourself) which is enough to get you an automatic failure and exclusion from any form of higher education.

Do you own homework, kiddo. There are enough people out there with fake degrees, we're not going to help someone else get one.