hello every one
this is first time in this forum and very first post.

I am really interested in learning c++. I am mac user and before i start learning c++ could anyone Please tell me if i need different version of c++ complier or i will be fine with any c++ compiler. ( sorry if my question sound too naive). Any suggestion for better place to download compiler will be appreciated as so many links popup when i tried to do a search.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to DaniWeb Peeta. You can use almost any compiler that is targeted for your operating system. For example you can not use a compiler for MS-Windows on a MAC and vice versa. Here is one place to look for free compilers. Try to make google one of your best friends because it can often find the information you want very quickly.

Ancient dragon thank you for your previous advice and i did look up in those search results An it popup so many links and i do not have much knowledge it making me bit confusing. What i make of all these links that i have to download Xcode or code warrior. but i have doubts about it and if i download one of this will i be able to code just as other c++ compiler.
Please advise me if i am heading right.
Any advice welcome

Did you read the Read Me threads at the top of this c++ board? If not then you should because there is lots of helpful information -- and without popups.

I haven't used a mac for quite some time so I could be wrong, but don't most macs come with g++ these days? You can use it from your Console utility and should be a sufficient compiler for a starter programmer.

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