i have project to do a html parser . the html parser will read all table ( between <tr> and <td> tags) in a url address which is given the program. then the parser convert all the data which is read from tables to xml and sql . i m familiar with c++ but now i want to code this project with perl . i m beginner at perl and i dont know where to start. if anyone help me to where to start i will be very glad. sory for my grammer. and thanks for your attentions...

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First rule of programming: don't reinvent the wheel. If this is a school project, then that is the only reason for you do something like this, and in that case show us what your plan of attack is.

Otherwise visit CPAN http://search.cpan.org/ and do a module search for 'html parse'. You will find lots of modules to choose from, and one of them is guaranteed to do what you want, and a lot better than you could do yourself.

As a self-professed 'beginner' you are taking on a very complex task. Take the advice in the previous post and learn the basics of Perl first.

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