hello there,
i have been having some problems with dev c++. It just cant seem to compile my code.
It says source file not compiled when i try to run the "compiled" program.

Its like this;- i write my code (simple code stil beginner lol) and i go compile it by clicking compile. It does this with no problems however when i go "run"; it says source file not compiled.

I have tried reinstalling it a couple of times but it hasn't worked.

Anyway what are some good free compilers that i can use, other that devc++. Ive tried CodeBloks:: but i prefer not to use that. Oh yeah and i prefer not to use visual c++ 2008 express either (too big and exceeds my needs).

Im just looking for a "good" free compiler that runs on winVista.
So..any ideas?


DevC++ works for most people here. Are you absolutely sure your code compiles without errors?

Yeap im 100% sure the codes correct. Because..it has worked on this same compiler before. but now it just doesn't seem to.

Its sort of like this; I write something, compile and run, and it works fine the 1st time.

then i go on to the next project compile and try to run but it doesnt work. It just says "source is not compiled"

Is it a bug or is it just random bad luck?

I'm not using Bloodshed, but it probably as a function like 'clean build' or 'Rebuild all'. You could try that when you open a new project.