Hi guys,

I need some help here to generate a list of multiple choice questions (MCQ) from SQL server 2005 on to a smartphone running on WM 5.0. I've manged to connect to the SQL server wireless in a LAN environment and done some simple login.

The next thing I need to do is to bind the data obtained from the table in the following format:


onto the device using Mobile Form showing some questions selected from the table. I need some direction here. Thanks

When I first got my Windows Mobile 5 phone I was so excited I could program on it with C#. I started poking around to see what I could do I can came across this guy on Channel9


There is a couple of screencasts about other things like using POO, Camera API and Notification API that you mind find interesting. Also I will tell you that the version of SQL server he is using is SQL Server Mobile. I believe about a while ago the phased that version out and now MS has a newer version. I hope this will get you the basics on databinding and stuff. Plus he is usually pretty funny to listen to.

He also has a two part screencast about RDA (Remote Data Access).