Hi Friends,

I am doing b.tech(Comp) and my project sunject is online exam. so pls. help me for it, pls. someboby send me the source cpde of it. Mine E-mail Id is SNIPPED



Uh...what requirements does your project have? You left a really open ended question there for us. Also, have you put any effort into it? Sorry, but the members here aren't going to code your entire project for you.

When I went to college, this type of behavior , I believed it is 'Plagiarism', would have lost my degree in Computer Science for me. You can go to various sites for programming code depending on the language you use. As long as you give the programmer of the code that you use his dew, you should be set.

hi kiran...what database and lanquage did u use for your project...can u pls pas me ur code bcoz even i gotta work on a similar project.
my id is :<<snip>>


hi my name is abdul shafee my project name is online examination in .net using C# please any one hve code plzz forward memy e- mail id is