Sorry for the crummy subject, but I have a serious problem here. I'm trying to check myself as I code and I keep having issues with seeing "old" code. I'm putting together an applet for a class assignment, and I have been periodically trying to view my code (what it's generating) to see what's going on. Is there some sort of lag time between when you compile/build and when your class file gets updated? I'm sorry if this is too vague. For more information, I've used both netbeans and eclipse ide's and they both produce the same results. I try to do a test run, and I'm looking at what the code used to look like.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

nevermind... I think I know what was going on. I was loading it back up without letting the jvm shut down completely. Thus, the original code was (i think) getting locked up in there, and the destroy() method was never getting called. Oh well... thanks anyways.

that is correct. A class is loaded when first needed by the JVM (or more precisely the classloader, of which there may be several inside a single JVM) and not unloaded until the classloader terminates (which in many environments happens only on JVM termination, given that the classloader is itself usually a class, the only exception being the root classloader which loads the classloader that loads the rest of the classes and classloaders).

Read the relevant sections of the JLS and JVMS to get more details, it gets rather gory :)

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