I have a project which I created a setup for in an MSI file. My computer crashed, and I lost all of my work. Fortunately, I had the MSI setup file out on the web. Now, I have my MSI file and I can install the program. But is there anyway I can decompile the MSI back into the VB.NET code I had before?

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you asked a stupid question. Of course not oe prople would be able to get at the source code of office,windows etc..
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yup, you cannot get the source code from msi except you add your source code too when you build setup program.

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thank you

Actually, it might be possible to some degree. VB uses a lot of bytecode and, if I remember right, Microsoft and others have VB decompilers. You'll never get back the absolute original, but if you can find the right decompiler (and can front the cash for it), you should be able to get enough back that you can reconstruct the rest.

You might be better off just writing it over again...


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thank you
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