Can any body please tell me code of Simplified Data Encryption Standards in C language

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Yes, and I'd have beaten you to the post as well if I hadn't gone googling for 'phobias' to see if google phobia had been given a proper Latin name ;)

i need in C thats in C++
kindly send me one in C

its in C
there wll be some implementation can u give me implementation of the algo given in william stawllings

why don't you start doing your own research. What have you tried so far.

i have done alot of research and found its code in C++ i need in C of the algo given in william stallings

Sorry, I know nothing about it either. Your fingers can type on the keyboard in google just as good as mine. Just because I'm a moderator doesn't mean I have to do your work for you.

> i need in C thats in C++
This is a load of BS, you're not even trying.

Did you even bother to look in the file, or did you just assume it was all C++ from the extension?

Well I have, and the whole algorithm is in C. The only bit of (crappy) C++ is in the test code at the end. If you can't figure out what to do from there, then what are you doing messing with encryption.

You gotta realise an awful lot of people (you included) can't tell C++ from a hole in the ground, because they just take the file extension the IDE gives them.

Talk about being helpless, sheesh.

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