Java specification tells that we cannot have static methods in interface.Can anyone explain me Why?


Hi cbalu,

Do you know what a the difference between a static and non-static method is? Do you know what an interface is? Let me know your thoughts and I will try to help from there. :)

:icon_idea: An interface prescribes a set of behaviour (i.e. method) listings that you’d like an Object to have. Since static methods don’t work on an Object there isn’t really a need to declare a static method within an interface and so it has been prohibited. I think it's best to explain to Darkagn what you know and things will make more sense :icon_wink:

Actually it wasn't that I didn't understand the question, I just wanted cbalu to think about it before I suggested a reason why interfaces can't have static methods. It was my way of getting cbalu to put in some effort to the question.

hehe yeah I knew what you were trying to do Darkagn, that's why I told him to explain what he knows even though I sorta explained why static methods aren't allowed in interfaces. Sorry I didn't mean to imply you didn't understand.