I have been working on this application and im stuck now at a spot where i want to be able to click a button and have a combo box populate with text from a field in a access database where another field on the same record should be equal to a text item in another combo box.

somewhat like a sql statement like. SELECT [Title] From Books Where [Teacher] = teachers.text

I dont know sql or VB very well I'm teaching myself so if my examples are a bit off I'm sorry.

this is the code in VB that i tried

Private Sub see_Click()
'rs is Record set inside of a database that is previously set.
'teachers and books are both combo boxs
Do While Not rs.EOF
books.AddItem (rs!Titles(Where(rs!Teacher = teachers.Text)))
End Sub

it keeps giving me error at rs!Teacher anyone understand me or can help?

(rs!Titles(Where(rs!Teacher = teachers.Text)))

You've put the cart before the horse.

Your first step is to open the recordset using a sequel statement string: rs.open ( source, etc., , , )

Your sequel statement will go in the source parameter as a string

Dim strSequel as string

strSequel = "SELECT Titles.Teacher from Titles WHERE Teacher='" & teachers.text & "'"

rs.Open strSequel, etc. , , ,

I'm taking for granted the name of the table in your recordset is Titles and the Field you are searching is Teacher.

A good download for you would be the Microsoft Active X data objects Software Development Kit (SDK). The current release is at 2.8. It has a very well written manual which give examples on how to open up databases.

Once you open the database using the above sequel string, you should have a recordset of Titles where the Teacher is the name you have entered in the teachers text box control.

I could just give you the code in a zip file. But I think you would benefit more in the long run by downloading the SDK, reading the documentation. But if you get stuck, let us know.


Another fail safe way...........

[dim i
[If rs.EOF = true then
exit sub
i=o to rs.recordcount
books.additem teachers.text
next i
end if]

I'm assuming that teachers datasource and datafield is reffered to rs...

with the same record set you have created, the following code will help you to get the result,

Private Sub see_Click()
Do While Not rs.EOF
if strcomp(rs!Titles,teachers.tect,vbTextCompare)=0 then
books.AddItem (rs!Titles)
end if
End Sub

and instead of using while loop i suggest you to use the Forloop like...

for i=0 to rs.recordcount-1
books.AddItem (rs!Titles)
end if

hope this will help you,

With regards
Venkatramasamy SN

I solved it thanks for the help guys it added some ideas to my head that really got things moving. After adding a few combo boxes named stuid and barcode which are only to make things more readable the code looks like this

Do While Not rs.EOF
    If rs!Teacher = teachers.Text Then
    barcode.AddItem (rs!barcode)
    books.AddItem rs!Title & ""
    stuid.AddItem rs!StudentID & ""
    Else: rs.MoveNext
    End If
If rs.EOF Then Exit Do
End If