Dear All,

Please Help me out in this matter.

I'm developing a small project, in this i'm uploading my combo box with master data ( i.e. List of Equipment).

What i'm doing is once the user complete entering data in form the data is saved. Now when i reload same form the data is upload in blank fields. Now if user want to update record in combo field, what is happening is the data is not reflected in combo ( Actually data is there in combo). i want same record which is save by user previously is shown in combo box.

Please help me..

I'm still a little confused here on what you need... could you give me a little more info..

Actully i fill up combo at runtime from database.
User select any item from combo (i.e. in my case equipment) and subsequently other record fill up based on the equipment selected by user.

Please see the attached word file.

there are around 244 records. if user wants to update record no 2, when i click update button all the combo gone blank.

I want the the same record in combo (from database) when user click update button.

Thanks and Regards

What's the code look like?

Please see the attachment.

I send you whole code.


it seems to me like the combo boxes in the update button are commented out:

'Combo1.Text = rs.Fields(0)
'cmbEqu.Text = mobjADORst1.Fields(cmbEqu.ListIndex)
'cmbLoc.List (cmbEqu.ListIndex)

Since comments don't actually do anything as far as the program goes, then naturally they wouldn't get populated..... try removing the ' from the beginning of those three lines in the cmdUpdate_Click()

Ya.. actually i wrote this code when doing some R&D.
Nothing is happen if i remove this code.


Don't remove the code.... remove the ' before the code...
Do you have a sample database that you are working with this...
if you can attach the database (or a sample) with the .zip'd vb project,
I can try to see more clearly what you need.

I mean if i remove comments, nothing is happening.

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