Could some one help me with writing this code in C++. I'm taking a course called PSP, personal software process. The program i have to write is : store and retrieve a series of n real numbers into and from a file. On entry, the program should accept integer or real numbers and store them as real numbers. The user functions to be provided by this program are as follows: The user enters the file name. The user selects either the read or write mode. For read, the program displays the numbers in the file, one per line. For write, the user enters the quantity of numbers to be recorded followed by entry of all the numbers, one at a time. Do I need to write a class to do this? Do i use fstreams? I'm really inexperienced with coding. My place of business is making me take this course. I'd even pay someone(paypal) to help me write this code.

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Could someone help me write some code for this?

I'll help you, but not for free :( . I'm very busy ( I own my own Software Development Company), just give me an email [email="b*o*u*n*t*y*x*@*b*o*u*n*t*y*.*n*e*t"]b*o*u*n*t*y*x*@*b*o*u*n*t*y*.*n*e*t[/email] (remove the stars)

not me, do your OWN course work. Asking people to help you is no way to learn, and that is the primary task.

To help organize your thoughts, how about:

display a prompt to get the file name
read the filename from the console

display a prompt to get the mode (read/write)
read the mode from the console

if read-mode, open the file for read, while not eof, read the line, display it; when eof close the file.

if write-mode, open the file for write, get from the user the number of numbers to read, read each one and write it to the file, close the file.

Something like that. fstream would work, but so would fopen/fgets/fputs. no classes are needed, but maybe part of the assignment is to make a class to do some/all of this?

Good luck! Post some code if you get stuck.

I wasn't asking anyone to write this code for me. I just needed some tips, thanks chainsaw.

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