#include <iostream.h>
#include <fstream.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <iomanip.h>

//for logfile
struct log
    long number;
    char date[9];
    char time[9];
    char gate[2];

//for customers
struct customer
    long number;
    char initial[2];
    char lname[20];
    char snumber[7];
    char sname[17];
    char stype[17];
    char suburb[17];
    char state[4];
    char postcode[5];

//constants for array sizes
const int MAXLOGS=50;
const int MAXCUST=20;

// function protoytpes
int searchProcessed(long[],long,int);//searches already processed records
int find (customer[],long,int);      //searches customer array
void showHeadings();                 //show headings
void drawline();                     //draws line

int main ()
  //declare array to hold logs
  log logArray[MAXLOGS];

  //declare infile stream and link to log.txt
  ifstream in;

  int numOfLogs = 0; // number of logs

  //load-up array with logs
        in >> logArray[numOfLogs].number;
        in >> logArray[numOfLogs].date;
        in >> logArray[numOfLogs].time;
        in >>logArray[numOfLogs].gate;
        in >> ws;

  //declare array of type customer
  customer customerArray[MAXCUST];
  //open the file

  int numberOfCustomers = 0; //number of customers

  //load-up array with customers
        in >> customerArray[numberOfCustomers].number;
        in >> customerArray[numberOfCustomers].initial;
        in >> customerArray[numberOfCustomers].lname;
        in >> customerArray[numberOfCustomers].snumber;
        in >> customerArray[numberOfCustomers].sname;
        in >> customerArray[numberOfCustomers].stype;
        in >> customerArray[numberOfCustomers].suburb;
        in >> customerArray[numberOfCustomers].state;
        in >> customerArray[numberOfCustomers].postcode;
        in >> ws;


  //declare array of type long, to hold custNumbers of
  //previously processed records
  long processed[MAXLOGS];
  //initialize to zero
  for (int i=0;i<MAXLOGS;i++)
  int processedSize=0;//nothing in array yet

  // required heading
  cout << "\t\tThis is the HEADING of the statement\n" << endl;

  //main loop to process records
  //processing the log array from first to number of logs
  for ( int z = 0; z < numOfLogs; z++ )
        //if current customer number has not been previously processed
        if (searchProcessed(processed,logArray[z].number,numOfLogs) < 0)
            //add customer number into array of previously processed records
            processed[processedSize++] = logArray[z].number;

            // find the position of the customer in customer array
            // by searching with current customer number from log array
            int position = find(customerArray,logArray[z].number,numberOfCustomers);

            //if customer is found
            if (position >=0)
                drawline(); //draw a line

  cout << "\nEWAY BILL                                  E-way Motorway\n"
          << "                                         " << customerArray[position].number;
    cout << "\n \n"<<customerArray[position].lname <<customerArray[position].initial;
    cout << " \n"<< customerArray[position].snumber <<customerArray[position].sname <<customerArray[position].stype;
    cout << " \n"<<customerArray[position].suburb <<customerArray[position].state <<customerArray[position].postcode;
    cout << "E-way motor bill for: "<<customerArray[position].number << endl << endl;
    } // end printcustomerstatement

          double total = 0.0;//accumulator for totals
          showHeadings();    //show headings
          drawline();        //draw a line

          //from current position of log array to number of logs
          //trying to process every entry of customer in the log file
          for (int l = z ;l<numOfLogs;l++)

              //if found an entry matching current customer number
              //(first entry is always processed).
              //processSize is -1 because it has been incremented above
              if(processed[processedSize-1] == logArray[l].number)
                    //display detail line
                    cout <<setw(8) << logArray[l].date
                          <<setw(9)<< logArray[l].time
                          <<setw(8)<< logArray[l].gate;

                    //checking for toll-gate code
                    //adding to total for correct amount
                    //"case of" not used because 'gate' is of type char[]
                    //not int.
                    if(! strcmp(logArray[l].gate,"A") )
                        cout <<setw(7)<< "$2.20";
                        total = total + 2.20;
                    else if(! strcmp(logArray[l].gate,"B") )
                        cout <<setw(7)<< "$2.80";
                        total = total + 2.80;
                    else if(! strcmp(logArray[l].gate,"C") )
                        cout <<setw(7)<< "$3.30";
                        total = total + 3.30;
                        cout <<setw(7)<< "$3.80";
                        total = total + 3.80;
                    cout << endl;



    cout << endl << setw(8)<<"DATE" <<setw(9) <<"TIME"
          << setw(8) << "STATION"
          << setw(7) << "AMOUNT"

// Function tollCharge

  cout << endl << endl;
  cout << "Total charge usage of E-way for:" << customerArray[position].number  <<" "
         << "                   $" << setiosflags(ios::fixed)<<setprecision(2)<< total <<endl<<endl;

    cout<<"\nEnd OF E-Way Statement";
    return 0;

// searches the array for number and returns position if found
//  else returns -1
int searchProcessed(long processed[], long num,int size)

  for (int i = 0; i < size;i++)
        if (num == processed[i])
            return i;
    return -1;

//searches customer array for number and returns position if found
//else returns -1
int find (customer customerArray[],long num ,int size)
  for (int i=0;i<size;i++)
        if ( num == customerArray[i].number)
            return i;

  return -1;

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and what's wrong? (ie. does it not compile, or does it not work as you think it should?)

it doesnt compile .. but there an error

Three Great Virtues Of A Programmer
What's the error you see? It's much easier to check if you provide the compiler/linker messages. Also please put your program into [ code] tag, so that the formatting is preserved.

Also add what your program is supposed to do(a general idea) and put the compiler out put in [ c o d e ]

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