<form method="POST" action="http://www.geocities.com/zerounixinc/cgi/FormMail.pl">
<P ALIGN="LEFT"><FONT SIZE="3">Name <input type="text" name="Name" size="20"> E-mail <input type="text" name="Email" size="20"> Address <textarea rows="3" name="Address" cols="29"></textarea> Subject
<select size="1" name="Subject">
<option selected>Computer Repair</option>
<option>Computer Setup</option>

Discription Of Job <textarea name="Description" cols="47" rows="4" wrap="true"></textarea></p>
<p align="left">
<input type=hidden name="recipient" value="tyler@tc3net.com">
<span style="background-color: #008000">
<font color="#800000"><input type="submit" value="Submit"></font></span> </p>

Ok I have that so now... I have a FormMail.pl in my cgi folder, yet I cannot seem to figure out the editing for the .pl if anyone can help me out by filling out my needs such as editing the FormMail.pl for me please reply so I can give you my e-mail.. Further more can geocities even support cgi ?

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Well basically if you are editing FormMail.pl you could just download it then open it up with notpad, then make the correct adjustments there. Geocities does not run any server-side software (PHP, Perl, ASP). You would want to find a good pay hosting service to run server-side scripts. :)


geocities does offer server-side scripting, but only with a special paid account.

you might like to use a free service like tripod , which will limit your daily mail sending limit to 40-50 emails.


Wow, they now offer server-side options. I havent used any of those services in a long time. I got hooked up with payed hosting long ago since they had better customer support and service. :o

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